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Quickly identifying viruses and worms on the network
Worms and viruses are a fact of life on a network. Issuing instructions to users and administrators on how to avoid the activation of viruses or worms, while required, is often futile. Yet the amount of productivity, time and money lost to worms and viruses each year is staggering. Meanwhile, new generations of more sophisticated worms and viruses are constantly being launched.
The challenge to respond to these worms and viruses, seek their sources, isolate and remove them from systems and networks, and then seek corrective action (through user communications and education, policies, etc.) to reduce the damage of future worms and viruses -- are all critical, time-consuming roles for network managers and administrators today. There are numerous real-world examples of where NetFort LANGuardian has helped organizations quickly identify the sources of many worms and viruses on their computer networks, making the job easier and less stressful for network managers and administrators.

The Answer
LANGuardian includes an IDS based system based on Snort to quickly detect the sources of viruses and worms on the network. Shown image is an example of a report that’s generated by LANGuardian as installed on a network where the Conficker worm has been detected.
LANGuardian’s powerful intrusion detection records and historical database work together to provide easy-to-use reports for network administrators. Best yet, the administrators are able to complete their investigation and detection efforts within just a matter of a few clicks. Without LANGuardian, the effort could have taken significantly longer – possible even hours – to identify the true source of the worm among thousands of users and network devices.

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