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In today’s world, face recognition is an important part for the purpose of security and surveillance. In this current time a lot of incident occurs like robbery, stealing unwanted entrance happens abruptly. So the security does matters in this daily life. People always remain busy in their day to day work also wants to ensure their safety of their beloved things. Sometimes they forget to look after their necessary things like keys, wallet, credit cards etc. Without these, they are unable to access their home or any place they want. Traditional security system requires the user a key, a security password, an RFID card, or ID card to have access to the system. Hence there is a need for an efficient and cost effective system.
The goal here is to explore the feasibility of implementing Raspberry Pi based face recognition system using conventional face detection and recognition techniques. This paper aims at taking face recognition to a level in which the system can replace the use of passwords and RF I-Cards for access to high security systems and buildings. With the use of the Raspberry Pi kit, we aim at making the system cost effective and easy to use, with high performance. To detect Face Detection using OpenCv with Raspberry Pi, the camera is used. The image is captured with the help of camera and it is compared with database images. If the image is matched with database, then it can be updated in the attendance server. The E-mail notification will be send to the concerned authority. The model here is applied for smart attendance system which includes on duty (OD) for various reasons along with location based services.
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