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Unemployment in India is a serious social issue. Unemployment records in India are kept by the Ministry of Labour and Employment of India. Unemployment is a situation when a capable and willing to do job workforce does not get work. 19,000 people applied for 114 posts as sweepers last week in Uttar Pradesh town Amroha, officials said. "Of some 6000 applications we have seen so far, many are graduates in arts and sciences, post-graduates, even engineering graduates and MBAs," Amroha municipal superintendent Faiz Alam.
“Even sweepers in our village have a good standard of living and send their children to English-medium schools," applicant Shamshad Ahmed Saifi of Makhdoompur village, a B Com final year student told the Times of India.
If Q3-Q4 2015, and January 2016 are a sign of things to come, India’s unemployment problem might get worse in the coming years. 75,000 well trained people want to be peons.

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