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Management Skills, Quick Learner, Communication Skills
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Stood first in Department Of Lifelong Learning, Rajasthan University organised activity. Stood first in annual national level techno-management festVERVE held at JIMS, Jaipur Attended a National seminar on Formed To Reform held at Loyola college, Chennai Stood fifth in Rajasthan University BBA PART I EXAM 2011ALL RAJASTHAN RANK. Attended an international conference organized by the global association of social sciences held in Indore MP. Spend spare time for supporting an NGO for Women Empowerment and Youth Development JAZZBA FOUNDATION as a board member. Participated in national conference on economic growth and sustainable development, held at St. Xaviers College, Jaipur Stood first in case study competition hr, at JIMS Jaipur. Participated in inter college debate competition on Budget 2013 held at Biyani College, Jaipur

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