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Power System, Aptitude, Electrical Engineering
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In this project new utilization of photovoltaic farm for transient stability
improvement of a multi machine Power System. The active power output of PV is modulated and stabilized by the fast power control ability of PV inverter which stabilizes the transient power swings in the system. In the control part, PID controllers are using widely because of its simple design and practical structures. The conventional PID controllers have fixed gains and cannot provide satisfactory performance over a wide range of operative conditions. So fuzzy logic systems are used to overcome this problem, a fuzzy-based gain scheduler i.e., (FGS-PID) controller is used to adapt PID gains. But FGS-PID controller finds difficulty in selecting suitable membership functions which requires more fine tuning and simulation in two area interconnected power systems. To overcome this problem in this work Bee Colony Optimization (BCO) is proposed. Simulation study is conducted on a two area interconnected four machine system. The effect of stability PV with the MPPT technique, Zeigler Nichols PID controllers compared with the stability of PV with Fuzzy Gain Scheduling of PID (FGS-PID) controller.

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