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We are entering an era of diverse knowledge where there is ample room for practical skills, application based knowledge and technological advancements, but no space for rote learning, theory based knowledge and introvert work space. So, what should be our step towards career advancement traditional Higher studies or Skill Training. According to the given Scenario, the youth of India wants to get hired but don't know where and how? They are confused between Academics & Skills.
What's the Difference?
The difference lies in approach. Academics approaches towards information learning and on the other hand Skills approaches towards gaining practical and implementation learning of doing particular work.
We need to focus more on skills may it be domain related skills like Carpentry, welding, sewing, hair dressing integrating them with soft skills like interpersonal skills, managerial skills, presentation skills etc.
We need to guide our youth towards practical oriented teaching as we see today even their games have advanced to practical and stimulative mode. they are in the real situation in their latest games. So, why not our Teaching process be more of job oriented. This will give them more scope of learning by doing and a better understanding of the real situation. which will bring an attitudinal change in them.
With the new Skill Era we should focus ourselves on Technical Skills, communication skills and entrepreneurial skills to help us to compete with rest of the world and provide with better job opportunities.

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