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Team Work, Communication Skills, Team Leadership
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Semister 1 Introduction to Advertising - A Project and Presentation on the working of an ad agency Touchersquo Communications Marketing of Bisleri water make a marketing mix of bisleri and campaign idea for bisleri Media planning of longines watch brand Reach, frequency and coverage of longines and which media to use and what channels to use in the particular media Logistics of DHL company Semister 2 Report on client servicing in advertising agency Rediffusion YR advertising agency Rise in social Media impact of social media marketing vs traditional marketing Making an innovative spot in radio for Titan watches Stress techniques used by HR of a company- Viacom 18 company Semister 3 Comparing traditional Media marketing Radio, Television, Print Make a PR plan for Blackberry RIM Strategic Marketing Maketing strategies used by salon industry- making a strategy for a spa and salon Research design and methods used for a small population Semister 4 Advertising- Making Creatives for a mukwaas targeted for the youth Digital Media- Making a website for pet Grooming products Project Management- Case study of a Project success and requirements to make a project successful Risk Management- VAR

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