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This project work is a part of the live project initiated by Tata motors to access the market potential of the small commercial passenger vehicles in the rural areas of Jamshedpur. Automobile companies in India are now eyeing the rural market. So the main objective behind the project was to know about the target customer, their preferences, the relative importance of different criteria like mileage, pickup, seating capacity etc which influences the purchase decision of perspective customers as well as existing customers in rural areas. Eyeing the target customer the company has also initiated a project called ldquoproject newrdquo in which promotion is being carried out with the help of NGOrsquos working in the rural areas. How far the firm has been able to meet its customer requirement with regard to its competitors So I conducted this research in which I took 50 respondents on the basis of snowball sampling. All respondents were from different rural areas of Jamshedpur and its places nearby such as jadugora, chaibasa, ghatshila etc. After collecting the data and feeding them into SPSS, the analysis was done by studying the frequency tables, bar chart, co-relation, chi square, ANOVAs, crosstab, regressionrsquos outputs, factor analysis.

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