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Automated gate for authorized vehicle
The system designed here is very useful for specific organizations where high level security is necessary. The main function of the system is to open the sliding type of gate automatically by detecting the authorized vehicles; in addition vehicle number & its owner name also will be displayed through LCD.
The gate control mechanism is designed with DC motor & it is controlled through ?C unit. Infrared remote technology is used to identify the vehicle; in this regard each & every authorized vehicle must be equipped with its data transmitting module. When the vehicle reaches near to the gate, data will be acquired automatically & it is displayed, at the same time the gate will be opened. The same gate will be closed automatically by sensing the passing car. If any unauthorized vehicle is found at gate, the system raises an alarm to alert the security guards.
The demo module is constructed with three toy cars, out of three, two cars are equipped with data transmitting modules & the third car doesn’t contains any transmitter there by it is treated as unauthorized car. Any vehicle weather it is known or unknown, it has to pass through two sets of sensors arranged at the entrance of gate. The IR sensor package arranged little away from the gate acquires the data first, if it is authorized the system regrets the trigger signal generated by the second set of sensors arranged after the first sensor. If any un-authorized vehicle, which can not send any information, passes near second set of sensors, then immediately the controller raises the alarm. If the system finds any authorized car, the data acquired from vehicle is decoded through PIC 16F876A controller & drives the motor through ‘H’ bridge, there by the gate will be opened. The third set of sensors is arranged after the gate, when this set of sensors is interrupted by the authorized vehicle, a logic high signal will be generated, & based on this signal the controller closes the gate automatically.

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