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Fashion Concern Of A Common Girl
Girls are said to the most beautiful creature made by god. A common girl like me is very much concerned about new fashion, trends and looking beautiful. Fashion is not all about wearing fashionable and trendy dresses, rushing to salon for every now and then, its all about your own that is how you carry yourself in a different manner, which makes you different from others and noticiable. Its also not necessary that your buy your stuffs from a big shop, try something new can go for a street shopping too. For example if you wear kajal try to wear it in a differnt manner rather than ur usual days and you can also try your most simple dress with a funky jewellary which can make u noticiable n and you will be looking beautiful too. Fashion is not about trying something which does not suits and if you will be doing this you will end up with a mess.Believe and have faith in yourself which will make you more beautiful than any oher thing in the world. So stay simple with your own fashion and be beautiful.

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    • Hi Tripti, you have hit the nail-on-its-head !! Beauty isn't only eternal (not external), but also internal - FAITH. You've given some basic touch-up tips for girls to look different from mundane, and that's fashion how can one create. 
      What has disturbed the mindset of this generation is the heavy doze of visual appeal created by fashion houses, movies and peer pressure. But these are fads and they fade away soon.

      Moreover, men need to start accepting the natural beauty. After all, it's God's creation :)

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