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Stress or overstressed
Famous saying lsquotake your work seriously never yourselfrsquo. But in todayrsquos era people almost reverse this proverb now they take themselves seriously and not the work. Stress is normal part of everyday life and now the level trends to build over time. High levels of stress can lead to a condition called overstress. When not managed well, overstress can result in physical illness as well as anxiety and depression. Nowadays 8 of 10 youths suffer from stress. They have discovered that youth more and more suffer of headache and other suffering like stomach pains, back pains and stiff muscles. The school has a big part in the youths high stress level, because the youths often make great demands on themselves to perform well in school. But the problem isnrsquot just with the individual but also in the society where the pace has increased considerably. The society of today demand you to be available, you must have a mobile phone, you should be able to chat on the Internet and you should also be active in many different sports to create your beginning your big social life etc. Therefore, learning how to manage your stress levels preferably, before they get out of control--is vital for maintaining your health and overall well-being. You can get rid of stress with simple means. Firstly, set your goals and priorities. When I was in 12th class there is a subject Business management. There they explained without proper planning you cannot achieve your goals. Take a deep breath and see what your goals are What you want to achieve What are your priorities According to it make plans. Design your day, weeks, months, years etc. Secondly, if you are stressed because you are feeling overwhelmed by everything you have to get done then learn to manage you time. Managing time is not a big task. You can do it according to your requirements. Thirdly, donrsquot take any such responsibilities which you are not sure about whether you can do it on time or not. Taking responsibilities are good it shows how responsible you are. But if you failed to complete the task it will lead you towards stress. In simple words, learn to say NO, politely. Finally, don39t forget Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds. Take care of your physical needs. Eat well, exercise regularly, sleep enough, avoid excess caffeine intake which can increase feelings of anxiety and agitation. Engage yourself in those activities which you love doing or I can say take out some time for your hobbies reading, writing, dancing, singing, yoga anything which you enjoy. It will help you to reduce your stress. Next time you are stressed, take a step back inhale and laugh. Remember who you are and why you are here. Be strong, flexible, love yourself and love others. Give your stress wings and let it fly away.

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