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Consider a 10 year old child....his daily activity includes watching tv all day long .entertaining himself with mobile phone,laptops etc. What is this going to do to his mind ?
His mind gets addicted to pleasure .continuously growing more and more restless...
This kind of mind is unable to form relations with other people as it takes patience and persistence to maintain and create that.
So it feels lonely and gets more trapped into the pleasure thing ....this child as he grows will find out more interesting and exciting ways to he knows no other happiness.
This human is capable of criminal activity, corruption etc.(obviously if he knows no relationships he is insensitive to others) to satisfy his need for pleasure(i have often wondered if condemning criminals helps in any way to reduce this it not more important to find out the cause of this criminality?if one is serious about it)
it means that the mind which is addicted to pleasure is a weak mind,a mind which is not capable of thinking on its own.
this is not to say that one should abstain and controll all kinds of pleasure (which many people try to do in the hope of moksha,brahmacharya etc.i don't know enough about it and hence avoiding it)but must it not be able to seat quietly for atleast sometime in a day.?
If one's mind is occupied by something all the time it is unable to observe the things around be sensitive.and to feel love,compassion etc. Which is happiness. And which is different from pleasure....As compulsiveness to pleasure is the source of criminality(although it may not be the only source).
Now from here i also want to mention the importance of physical exercise(this is taking a different turn but guys its all real and I have known it personally).we often forget that the mind and and body are not separate .if body is not well the mind cannot function properly .when one exercises the blood flow to brain increases and mind is more capable of being alone ,it is stronger and hence free from seeking pleasure.
Also breath of a person with restless mind(we all become that person,some more than others) is shallow ....with exercise it gets deepened and the mind is calmer.

When we are about to sleep or the breath of the baby the portion above the novel and just below the chest moves(diaphragm is here which makes vaccum and so the breath comes in)this is the natural way of breathing as it is said in Ayurveda . (Ref:timeless secrets of health and rejuvenation)

In anpana/vipassana(a buddhist meditation) they teach you to just observe the breath as it is ...not trying to change it ,not trying to controll it.but just the observing over a period of time daily will cause the unnatural breathing to fade away and natural breathing to take place.

This is not for some other worldly purpose but for improving our daily life.we don't want to waste this life right??

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