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Mainframe, Analysis of Algorithms, ERP Officer
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• Worked till recently
? as CEO for Ordnance factories producing Military Hardware (Weapons and Ammunition) with a turnover of around USD 30 Million at Mumbai for 2 years and 3 years at Kolkata with a turnover of around USD 110 Million.
? as a functional Director in the Corporate Office at Kolkata responsible for a turnover of 2 billion USD from Eleven of 41 manufacturing units spread all over the country
• A result oriented professional with 36+ years of managerial experience in Engineering Industry including 5 years in a Ship Yard during which turn around in production time is brought in
• Expertise in handling a diverse range of functions including production planning, PROJECT Management, HRM, IT, HRD, financial accounting and budgeting.
• Proven track record of developing procedures, implementing measures for ON-LINE production planning & control to reduce running costs of the unit
• Expertise in Change Management, Business Process Re-engineering, making a mini-ERP using Informix RDBMS and implementing it in the Industry
• Exposure to ISO, TQM , SEI (CMM) levels for software and entire SDLC
• demonstrated written, communication, inter personal, liaison and problem solving skills with the ability to work in multi cultural environment.
• Rare expertise with firsthand knowledge & exposure to almost all modules of an ERP
• Handled almost all the management functions at first hand and ideally suitable to head a large public or private enterprise

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