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Work Undertaken/Assigned:
• Incorporation of various types of companies like- Private Limited Companies, Public Limited
Companies, Section-8 Companies, Producer Companies, One Person Companies (OPC)
Wholly owned foreign subsidiary, foreign subsidiary etc.
Work related to Incorporation of Companies
• Incorporation and closure of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) under the Limited
Liability Partnership Act, 2008
• All secretarial work of company
• Conversion of Private Limited Company into Public Limited or Public limited company to Private limited.
• Closure of a Company
• Preparation & filing of documents for Increasing Share Capital of a Private Limited Company and Public limited company
• Preparation of documents for change of name of a company.

• Filing various e-forms related to ROC.

• Annual Filing for various companies and LLP
• XBRL filing of various companies.
• Preparation and requirements for conducting Annual General Meeting and filing returns with Registrar of Companies
• Change registered address of company from one state to another with R.D. approval.
• Secretarial audit
• Due diligence Report

• Drafting of Petition to NCLT, RD
• Drafting of Minutes, Resolutions, Notices, Letters etc. of board Meetings, Committee Meetings and Annual General Meetings;
• Drafting of documents for registered office change from one state to another
• Drafting of documents for revival of companies.
• Drafting of documents for preparation of striking off

• SEBI/Listing Agreement
• Submission of Annual Report and periodic returns to Stock Exchange(NSE&BSE)
• Filing of e-voting results of AGM to Stock Exchange(NSE & BSE) and Depository(NSDL)
• Filing of quarterly financial results as per regulation 33 of SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015
• Compliance with newspaper advertisement requirements for board meeting & AGM notice and financial results
• Assisted in submission of audited standalone financial results along with the audit report and either Form A.

• Foreign Exchange management compliances
• FDI , external commercial borrowing compliances
• Automatic route and approval route for bring money from foreign countries.
• Intimation to RBI

• TAX Compliances
• Preparing & Filing Income Tax Returns for various companies, individuals &LLP’s.
• Sales Tax, Service Tax Registrations.
• GST migration and registration
• GST returns
• Registration for obtaining Import Export Code.

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