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The way she looked backhellip How can I ever forget The simmering dress, within which she was all wet Like an angel descended from heaven, Or perhaps Snow White accompanied with dwarfs seven. The light rain and the road filled with golden maple leaves, We trotted beneath the trees in the pre-monsoon eve. How gracefully the rain hit her on the face, And she wiped it so gently with grace. Like a dove wiping her beak on its back, She too splendidly did without a slightest lack. Taking her hand over her head she motioned it clean, And then set her hair behind the ear, like a queen. We crossed each other face to face, Like galaxies moving in space. So fascinated I was with her simplicity, And so was she equally pulled towards me like elasticity Both looked deep in the eyes, Those resembled the deep oceans and the infinite skies Like the fixed pupils of a tigress, Looking deep at the deer with hope, joy and calmness It spiked our hearts as we passed by, Like a person with a dagger pierced, left to die. The hearts skipped a beat, and the blood rushed Surely both to themselves blushed. I closed my fist in a punch, And my senses alarmed for a response in a clench. For me it definitely was a moment of joy, One in all those days worth lived, and the hopes stood high Something within me said, ldquoHey, it workedrdquo And again a heartbeat I ducked. As if gravity stopped acting on me, Some butterflies emerged and I felt so light and free. Gathering all hopes I turned back on the golden street, She kept going far with continuous steps in a fleet. For a moment I doubted if she would turn back, Perhaps this will all go in vain, and the good fortunes as always Irsquoll lack But somewhere along the line those few seconds had cast a spell so deep and vast, She was magnetized, and I was pulled back by a hook just-as-fast Oh Then it all happened so clear and out, She turned back, her lips arched with the same charm throughout Curling a tuft she graciously tilted her head, And lowered her eyes as she looked ahead With narrowed eyes and endearing pink cheeks, So smashing she looked in the contrast beneath the maple and the teaks. She smiled and laughed, then blushed and ran, And turned back again and againhellip From the end of the road she gestured a bye, Like a peacock fluttering on a rainy day under a rainbow so high..

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