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Preparing for SSC-CGL (Tier-I)
Guys, Itrsquos time to spice up your preparation for the SSC-CGL-2015 exams. Those of you who want a head start for 2016 may find it helpful too. This short write up is about how to effectively prepare for SSC-CGL exam Tier-I. In a demanding exam like SSC, millions of graduates are locked in cut throat competition for getting a secured Government job. And of course lucrative After 7th Pay is implemented. In SSC-CGL39s Tier-I paper you get ONLY 35 seconds per question . So, a candidate needs to introspect his skills by attempting tests which measures his speed as well as accuracy of course along with subject knowledge. Accuracy and Speed are the keys to success in an exam like SSC-CGL. There is no dearth of question banks available in the market for this exam. Discussion forums like Pagalguy provide quality experiences not quality Questions. Several websites offer free tests, but their test does not provide any type of comparative analysis. These tests follow the fixed pattern of the CGL exam, i.e. every time you attempt a test, you have to attempt all 200 questions in order to see the result. However Youth4workrsquos Prep test provides a customized approach of giving tests which helps the students to introspect their preparation level across all the test takers. Some features of Prep Test which I found appealing Customization of questions per chapter in each subject is enabled. Moreover a student can give full syllabus test, chapter wise or subject wise tests. Chapter-wise report Helps the student to know which subjects he needs to study more and which subjects are his forte The timings are shown in comparison with all other test-takers across the globe. Percentile score Assists the student know where he stands among all the test-takers. Question Insight Let the student know the answer and the difficulty level of each and every question he has attempted. Accuracy level for all the 4 sections are shown. From these the student gets an idea whether to focus on speed, accuracy or subject knowledge. Student gets an insight lsquoShould I speed up or focus on accuracy/subject knowledgersquo It does not have any time windows to give tests. You can give test from anywhere and at any time. This intriguing assessment system helps the student in improving his weaknesses and bank upon his strengths. Youth4workrsquos Preptest is value for money where they provide a large number of questions absolutely free and then charge a meagre amount for subsequent attempts. Overall it gives a firsthand experience of how well you manage the paper with respect to the timing constraint.

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