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Internship Experience at Youth4work
Let me brief about what Youth4work is Youth4Work is an exciting and innovative talent assessment platform that helps youth to assess and improve their talents. The company helps youth in finding a job which matches his skills and qualifications. Youth4Work has a diverse portfolio of products like Self-Assessments, Campus Solutions and Company Solutions. Individuals are able to do their SWOT analysis and get a comparison where they stand among all the fellow test takers. Their site is dedicated to assessing studentrsquos talents and profile, then share to companies who look for pre assessed and ranked profiles. It is really a unique n exciting way of doing things. What I did here Here we were given the task of increasing user acquisition and engagement which we did in many ways. I was involved in contacting colleges and students, Email marketing, content development, social media marketing, implementing various SEO strategies as well as calling to some users and taking their feedback. We also floated a survey to study user perception of Youth4work. My Learnings Here I got an insight into the real marketing world. In classes we are taught theory, here you get a practical exposure. Having worked in an MNC, I always fancied to know about the work culture of a start-up, the trials n tribulations faced by the entrepreneurs, what it takes to start a company and to follow your dreams. When you work in a startup you always face new challenges, you get full freedom to try out and experiment new things- see which works which does not. I learnt about consumer behaviour and how to segment, how to do select target markets and finally how to position your products, which is the most important thing in the real marketing world. The cross functionalities involved in my work gave me an understanding into various domains- be it marketing, finance, operations and HR. Work culture Y4W Youth4work has flexible work culture as well as flexi timings. It has a flat organizational culture. The CEO and CXOs and all teams work under the same roof. You can personally visit any team, any member personally. Everyone is helpful and easily approachable and are ready to sort out your problems. Youth4work has a dynamic and dedicated team. All the employees are collectively working towards a common goal. The most important thing is if you have an idea, then try to implement that and communicate right, then scale up using technology. By this you would be able to help people and create wealth for the society. It is essential to stick to your vision if you are in a startup. These guys have a good vision and are really working hard to give their dreams a shape. It was really a nice experience working here

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