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Our 200-hour course is built on the foundations of Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga. While Ashtanga yoga has much to teach students, and forms the backbone of our program, it is also important to be highly flexible when it comes to teaching yoga, in order to adapt classes to the needs of individual students. That’s why we encourage our students to develop their own Vinyasa Flow classes, and consider all possible approaches to teaching yoga, to inspire them to follow their passion for yoga in any and all circumstances. Particular attention is also paid to breathing exercises and techniques, gaze (or dristi), and energy locks, or bandhas.
Throughout the entire course, students will learn the fundamentals of proper technique- essential knowledge for anyone who wishes to not only teach yoga to others, but also to practice it properly themselves. These fundamentals include key alignments, variations, adjustments, and modifications, the use of various yoga equipment, as well as essential teaching methods needed to properly convey lessons to their own students.
As the foundation of the Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa Primary series is established, principles of sequencing will be taught so everyone can create a Vinyasa Yoga flow class according to the needs of their own future students. To finely balance the Yang practice of Ashtanga, we will incorporate other styles such as Yin Yoga to provide students with a broader education and enhance their overall experience with yoga. Thai Yoga massage will also be introduced to teach safe and appropriate hands-on adjustments for different bodies.

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