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I have never met anyone that says change is good Ask scientists, doctors, lawyers, engineers.. its the one thing that keeps them sane. A medical book, a doctor who practices his medicine with no change over a period of time will fade in time. A lawyer with the same advice over a legal issue or law not taking its course over a period of time. Engineers with the same old dusky techniques of using tools. Sounds dull and boring I mean who would want to go such people anymore. Change has to be implemented. And it only comes with time and from within. Theres a small voice that initiates one to take a step. And once it is implemented, never look back when people gossip. People talk because that is what they do. That is what they are made for. A friend of mine who lives far once suggested, you do not need people to make you happy. She also added saying, Being alone and working towards you own goals,isnt being lonely. It made me ponder. I gave up for a week to be online,chatting,check mails,check my social networking sites. I made myself clear that every day has 24hrs. Every hour has 60mins. What productive work am i doing in these 60mins Gradually, every night before sleeping, I made a list of things I would accomplish for the next day. Now in 24hrs, I am accomplishing things that would enhance my skills. Be it cooking,driving,shopping,doing house chores,art and crafts etc. Some day, writing will become a habit and theres a possibility that it helps me improve. I may have changed for people who know me. But then again, change is always for the good

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