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? Initiated, planned and executed various schemes to save energy and revenue. Some of them are as under:
o Successfully modified external electric supply scheme to reduce losses of system by shifting various distribution transformers according to load, Maintenance of HT /LT substations with preventive maintenance to reduce break down.
o Modified time of running of water supply pumps of various water supply installations to reduce peak electric load.
o Improved power factor of electric system
o Replacement of conventional electric meters with electronic meters and planned automatic system of taking electric readings through electronic meter through radio frequency technology to generate revenue and to tackle problem of shortage electric meter reading.
o Significantly replaced high power lamps with LED
? Associated with designing and planning of essential services of some of the following prestigious
buildings of Defence services:
o 1000 bedded Army Hospital, total cost 930 crore and cost of services was approx Rs 250 crore.
o Hangars and connected buildings of Prestigious project of Airforce, runway costing above 800 crore.
o Important technical buildings worth more than 1000 crore.
o Water supply scheme costing Rs 9 Crore, developed to purify the quality of water in one of the Military Station
o Water supply scheme worth Rs 3 Crore to overcome acute shortage of water in one of the Air force station where prestigious project was coming by integrating bore well water.
o Construction of 70No JCOs quarter including handing over to users without much difficulty under the leadership.
? Improved HR management of organization, visualized, initiated, planned and implemented pilot project on automation of service book of 9000 subordinates (based on web based technology) for the 92 units located at different cities within record time of 9 month time. Provided technical guidance to vendor for developing software application with effective resource utilization to maximize the output, with a total cost of 12Lakh only and thus saved annually Rs 180 lakh in manpower. The work was Appreciated by The head of organization i.e. Engineer in Chief for successfully completing pilot project
? Maintenance of following:
o Over 4000 buildings including prestigious Defence Labs, plumbing and internal illumination works, roads, sewage system per annum
o External electric and water supply, stand by supply, maintenance of lifts and central air condition plant, lightning conductor, High tension electric substation and distribution and maintenance of electric load of tune of 5000KVA projects valuing Rs 15 crores per annum.
? Initiated, planned, issued and accepted tenders worth 08-10 crores per annum during service and successfully executed and closed various projects.
? Successfully planned and executed the process of Appointing staff in organization, starting from advertisement of vacancy, sorting of eligible candidates from 50000 applications, conducting examination, finalization of examination center, decoding, coding, checking of answer sheets, interview, issue of appointment letter etc. The complete process of recruitment was successfully completed in time frame of 8 month under my leadership.
? Merit of receiving awards and recognition for good performance by:
o Engineer in Chief commendation card in 2016.
o Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief commendation card in 2008
o Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief commendation card in 2001.

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