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Report Submitted by Vamsi Krishna Kantamneni 16th Oct 2013 to 16th April 2014 Project title Identifying Single Drug Multiple Targets for Diabetes Mellitus I have implemented various centrality measures like Degree, Betweeness, Shortest path and also implements Floyd and Warshall algorithm using JAVA. We have gathered genes causing Diabetes from UniProt, NCBI. We got 458 genes from Uniprot causing diabetes and 558 genes from NCBI database. The gene/protein list which we got from UniPRot and NCBI are not the same. The Human Protein Reference DatabaseHPRD represents a centralized platform to visually depict and integrate information pertaining to domain architecture, post-translational modifications, interaction networks and disease association for each protein in the human proteome. We need to construct PPI network. As the protein interactions are in HPRD. To construct network we need HPRD id of all genes/proteins. We convert Uniprot, NCBI ids to HPRD id to check the commanality of the gene set. Then we find the matched list. We got 70 genes/protein matched and we got 150 genes/protein mismatched in uniprot and 25 genes/protein mismatched in NCBI. We then mining to know why the mismatch, we observe that some genes/protein does not belongs to Human. I have also gone through the literature to check the role of genes in the mismatched list in causing the diabetes, my findings are enclosed.
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