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There was one  phenomenal artist, whose art always seems to have a story behind it. Every time media asks him about his best creation until now according to him. He always use to reply, “Its about to come”, with a smile. He was growing old and old but never left giving life to objects.

On one fine day a neighbor came to visit him at his residence, he was lying on the bed. She asked him, “How you’re life going on, sir?” He replied, “Just waiting for death to lay its icy hands on me”. She said, “me too”. The old man was shocked to hear that as she was so young and whole life was in front of her eyes and she was not embracing it. Out of curiosity he asked, “Why on the earth you young kids give up so easily? Why you do not appreciate such a precious gift of god?’ She replied with a fake smile, “I am being diagnosed with some serious health disease and I have very less time to live. The tree outside my house has its leaves falling day by day just like each day is going away from my life  and I have considered it to be my countdown. The day it will have all its leaves shed will be my last day on Earth”, and then she left crying.

Days passed her condition was becoming vulnerable and each leaf falling was taking away her hope. On one night there was just one leaf left and heavy storm was coming and she knew for very sure till tomorrow it will also fell off and tomorrow is going to be her last day on earth. She slept in the hope of never waking up. But next morning when she found herself alive she was shocked to see that leaf hasn’t fallen down and it has survived the heavy storm. It gave her courage that she can also survive  the storm coming in her life.

She went to meet that old man  to share her experience of last night with him but when she went to his house she came to know he’s been dead this morning, and she came back home with a heavy heart. On the same very day she saw the interview of that old man in which media captured his last words. Which was the answer of one unanswered question  that what was his best creation up till now. In which with a very proud smile he replied, “A leaf in front of my house”. They didn’t understand that but that girl did. She was very thankful to the new life he gave to her. She was full of life and hope. She started dreaming of life again and started to enjoy every second of it.


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