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MBA- Marketing/HR graduate with 2 years of experience in Market Research
SUMMER INTERNSHIP A study on buyerrsquos behavior on consumer electronics at Bharti Walmart, Gurgaon Tasks done i Market Survey for consumer electronics ii Making database and follow up iii Recording the changing models and prices iv Studying the pattern of consumer behaviour for each electronic item v Questionnaire survey vi Understanding the planogram and making models for Easyday vii Working on the floor with strategic buyerrsquos model to study buyerrsquos behaviour A study on the learning styles of the trainees with reference to Launchpad LLC a company that provides services in training and development Tasks done i Learning the styles of learning through VAK model ii Segregating the learning patterns according to Kolbrsquos and Mumfordrsquos learning styles. iii Finding correlation between actual and perceived learning styles iv Understanding the dominant learning pattern among the trainees. STRENGTHS An analytical mind with the ability to think clearly and logically. Ability to work accurately and pay attention to details. Open to learn new technologies and management skills in a learning organization. Excellent spoken written communication skills, problem solving skills. Possess sound knowledge about the latest developments in Management. Wide exposure to theory and practice of marketing and HR practices in domestic and multinational concerns. Excellent presentation skills and good at Office, Excel, PowerPoint Data analysis skills through SPSS.

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