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Aptitude, Fluid Dynamics, Chemical Engineering
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The best part of Life is that....choices are always with us...its upto us whether we want to be happy or sad, good or bad lonely or with the one who will always with us..., Though in midst of Life we have to make some tough choices......but we can always try to go for the one which we dont have to regret for, In this short life many people touches our lives..but only few touches our hearts.... The only place I failed fail everyday is to understand what this Love is all about...though I learnt few things... 1. Love is not about the beautiful face or sweet voice its all about...a beautiful heart..but I just wonder whether this stands true for all... 2. We cant force ourselves to fall in love, we fall in Love itself. 3. Faith is the string which hold the two hearts together. OF.....all I got through my choices learnt from Life is........ Friendship is the best relation... Love is devine... If someone has to stay in ur heart...he will make an effort be in it.. Care is most important medicine that any living being seek for..

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