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Forgotten letter box (post box)
The talk is about the time when the main instrument of communication used to be a letter. The Department of importance only information / alert is not just the exchange of feelings ever had more. After watching the Marathi film, Tapal ( 2014) , I was thinking of writing on this topic for a long time.

My primary education was going on and The school had a letter box. The red colored box would have attracted me so much that so many times I had also tried to remove the things that I had put in it . I remember when I wrote my first letter - Nana Nani , when I was in the first grade (i.e. under the guidance ofmother ) When this letter was put in the letter box, then my relationship with this red box became.Previously come letter , I read too emotional was then connected when writing My answer came in a letter, written by my name was first mentioned ... Two-way first experience of communication that ... delayed Right ...! And then after that, my relationship became stronger after the letter-box. Now I used to write the letter in my own letter and put it in the box without ticket ..................... From which news of the front-end phayon was reported by " delayed two-way communication". !

History has shown that Ptrlekn was so substantially. Do not know how many files will be misconceived . How many relationships will be solved?How many lives will be lost and how many survivors will survive.Gradually the progress of science led to the invention of the telephone and the correspondence fell behind. The paperwork was met again when it was part of the syllabus. But this is the real feeling - the zero - " two-way communication " which was not - not even delayed !

From letter writing to telephone , mobile calling and now accessing the messenger, our emotions aretrapped in " Smileys " and " Emoticon " . The use of the postal department is now just like the courier service. The note that comes with Rakhi has now been snatched from the message "Happy protecting money". Well, change is the rule of the world , assuming we accept it all. But I do not know why I want to live again in that penny era , once again , trying to make a failed attempt to extract things from that red box .Perhaps that relationship was too deep ...

The old letter written on the inland card is still found in the house. But now that red box can be seenonly in the photograph of "If you think it is you are a nineteen kid" ... !!

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