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Rail-Travel - A Memorable Experience
Indian Railways - The thing that happened in everybody's life. The journey of the train said that I was very excited. Whether the sound of the engine, comparing the rolling carts or changing rails, the rhythmic movement of the railways has always fascinated me. The train was one of the best options because my amusement was a little away. Therefore, the train used to be a train trip for every holiday. Goods - clothes properly set , the station even higher timely arrival , seemed unreserved tickets (to be in line to take timely LG) and his childhood in different Thrill look up train stations all in the process.

As has been growing year As was changing train journey. Comfortable seats are available in unreserved coaches. Reservation was made inevitable due to increased travel distance. Journey was when there were many things the same way. Who will care that fellow , " trying to adjust to being" , hear the statutes train passengers seats ( ?? ) and in a variety of fun, "the company special cell" ( f ) to refuse selling retailers - including some of the changes are not. Also, the efforts of the elderly disabled to fill their stomachs do not leave them without any hesitation.

The feature of a train trip is that it does not feel that even though it travels alone here. Not even a side, but a passenger speaker! It does not feel like a bus or a plane alone. And if you leave something left behind "class" then everyone can spontaneously participate in the conversation. Of course, this conversation can go anywhere from the cleanliness of the railway to the country's foreign policy. The procession program is inevitable during the journey . The food brought by co-passengers, before hesitation, came to the fore immediately . (Exclude this part of the culture from "sharing" J ).

The key to having a "role" in the railway journey is the window.Whether it is the motive to see the little children's "walking trees" or the urgency of the "lower berth" of the men. The sight of the outside of the window can easily be lost. And if there is a ghazal of the worldwith the mate , then the happiness is different! Through this window , there are various sections of the society , living in different areas also.( They sometimes know more effectively than Geography's book "People's lives" given below !)
Now there will be some bitter occasions in this goodi-goodi experience. Sometimes the journey has to travel vertically due to the huge crowd, and sometimes it is difficult to travel freely. Inconveniences and non-availability of reservation at all times, definitely do some unhealthy and late-running trains. It is a different issue if you talk about Mumbai local - in this case other people like Mumbaikars will be happy .

This train service is always remembered as " a little sour , a little sweet" . After leaving the railway station, there is something left behind, and after seeing the train at the end of the journey, you have the "filling" of the remaining. There is a fantastic analogy in our life and in the travel process.Just as the train was traveling like warriors of his station , and holding a large quantity landing site , as well as the timing of entry into the world and take time , the exit!

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