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Brexit And Construction Industry
Answering the question,
we have to understand what is BREXIT = Britain + Exit. The Britain exit the EU(European Union). Britain is the Sum of the following countries like,
Northern Ireland,etc.
On 23 June 2016, the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, also known as the Brexit referendum, occurred with a majority win of 51.9% for Britain to leave the EU. Some who wanted a Brexit believed that an EU leave will help with regaining national sovereignty and freedom of trade, saving costs in EU membership fees, and controlling immigration. Some wanted Britain to remain in the EU, since leaving will decrease Great Britain’s power to control world affairs, decrease in investments, and decrease in trade relationships between the EU and the UK. Currently, there is already uncertainty and only predictions on what the terms will be between the UK and the EU. Now, we are already seeing stock markets crashing and the pound sterling falling. Big companies, such as Morgan Stanley, Toyota, and Goldman Sachs, are already planning to move offices and operations to EU nations, due to new EU tariffs and costs.
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1. Skill shortage and reduction in labor availability
2. Construction Management Procedures
3. Large Projects in Commencement and in Planning Stages
4. Construction material imports
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