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T E C H N O L O G Y   L E A D E R S H I P   R E S U L T S
— 98% performance to SLA standards that facilitated unprecedented client contract extensions of 3-5 years.
— Less than 400 PPM (Parts per million) in quarter (from 2500+) with concurrent increases in client satisfaction and performance gained by instituting KPI measurements and focus on root cause corrective action.
— Support to 6,500+ end-users, with global direction for incident/problem/change management.
— $2M+ savings, plus transformation for service team from cost center to revenue-generating group.
— 80% drop in incidents, preventing recurrence by preventive maintenance, automating, splitting efforts into short/long-term problem management.
— Automation reducing cycle time and manual errors of multiple repetitive tasks

Percentage of Improvement in Cost, Efficiency, & Performance (Past 32 Months)

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