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Why Recruiter ignoring fresher's without giving them any chance?
Yesterday' I had an interview with a good company and i selected their as an SEO Analyst profile; they inform me when i leave that venue places your offer letter will reach in your mail id till 6 pm but i do not receive it yet. Now i want to discuss with a topic which is most epic why people are moving their career towards Banking and civil services after completing B.Tech. and other courses. Some of them wants to go in that field but some of them by default move themselves weather they want or not. So the main reason behind this is organisation do not give them a chance to proof themselves. So I mean to say that how can they grow? If you will give them one chance they will proof what exactly they can do; what is their potential? I agree with this point experienced candidate can give you the good output in starting of a new project but if a youngster starts working on any project then they can learn much faster then a experience candidate.
I see it in my one year of experience:
So i want from all of top MNC please give them some training as per their skills.
today's Candidate routine when they complete their
Make their profile in different job portal.
after that waiting for some walkin.
when some one call him or her for an interview;
he and she will reach ontime but;
the process starts after the timing;
then their have some aptitude or GD , techincal , Hr or op's round;
so i want to ask all the HR how can you say a candidate who perform well in interview process; have good knowledge for that particular profile.
I think it is not the good way for selection; you can select them by their performance on training. First; you should have to give them a training which one should be at least one month and that training is not paid its a without paid training.
I had a talk with a HR who said that candidate can do anything.
My project manager said to me that today's student only doing B.Tech(bteach) not B.Tech.
So finally i want to say no organisation give you a chance everyone wants to his or her ownership over other person.
Vijay Singh Khatri

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