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1. Project Title: “Singapore-Malaysia Abroad Education Event Management”.
Project Area: Marketing/HR at Patna.
Company: Careers N Options Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai
Duration: 2 Months conducted between from 21st April to 8th June 2016.
2. Project Title: “Market Survey on Thermoware & Household Product”
Project Area: Marketing at Bihar/Jharkhand.
Company: Asian Plastowares Pvt. Ltd.
Duration: 2 Months conducted between from 5th July2016 to 31st August 2016.
Participated in 18th All India Management Congress at IIBM, Patna with my research paper on “Indian Rural Development by the reformation of Technical Institution in Rural and Underprivileged settings” on themed topic of Management of Development in Coming Decade 2016-2025: Prospect & Challenges.

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