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This is not a horror blog actually its my perception for coding when I am in my graduation. Firstly I tell you when all this was started,I think I spent most of my childhood – and a large part of my life as a young adult – desperately wishing I was in a video game arcade. My mother never allowed me to play video games but I will and get punishment by my parents. When I finally obtained my driver's license, my first thought wasn't about the girls I would take on dates, or the road trips I'd take with my friends. Sadly, no. I was thrilled that I could drive myself to the arcade any time I wanted. But my life was changed when I join my college in Dehradun for graduation. Where first time I heard about programming language. At that moment I was think that it is like English or like that, but when my teacher write first program in c. I am totally blind I don't understand what is he write on white board...........To be continued on next blog.

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