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HI everyone This is Viswaprasath from the Velammal Engineering College. In my name quotViswaquot refers to the quotWorldquot and another half quotPrasathquot refers to the quotgracious giftquot. When we combine and refer my name refers to gift to this world. Yes as my name means I am one of the best gift to my friends, family, relative and to this society. I am currently doing my Bachelore degree in the field of Information Technology. I loved computer from my childhood days and had interest to work in that field. My interest not only stopped there it continued till now and will continue. My dad is a photographer so my interest also developed in that area particularly in the field of video editing. Currently I am one of the memeber in our college Hostel Edutainment committee. There I am one of the chief organiser and Core memeber in the Technical group. I have done some of the intivations and video slides for our committee. My main area of interest is in the field of cryptorgraphy. I would like to do develop highly secure system for our country39s defence. And some research which can help our society and bring our nation high. I am one of the most talkative person in my class. I always love to extend my social network always. I love to talk to many people who I meet. I like to help them a lot. I have planned to help my friends in Programming languages like C and C by giving them tuff question and answer, currently I am doing it to few but would like to increase it.

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