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Democracy is what describes Indian constitution, means equality in terms of caste, religion , color and sex. But talking about the third gender rights in Indian companies is somewhere lack behind. Not an easy task for us to accept them working with us as they are trans gender and mentality speaks that they are meant for begging over the streets not to work with cooperates.

But in order to have a democratic nation there is a need to give them a chance as well , as some of the great heart Indians have given them .
Like, From completing PhD ( the first transperson in Bengal to do so) to being appointed college principal, Manabi Mukherjee have done it all.

The other great example to put is, Joyita Mondal. The first transperson to become a Judge. She is a qualified lawyer and was appointed Lok Adalat judge.

They are not less than us , requesting the corporate to give a chance to at least one trans gender in your reputed organisation to make their career shine out of the box.

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