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Red Hat Linux, IT Systems Management, System Administration
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? Installation of Hardware.
? Installation, configuration of Red Hat Linux and Ubuntu and Windows.
? Troubleshooting
? Creating & Configuration of YUM Repository
? Managing Users & Groups.
? Administration and maintenance support for IT Infrastructure
? Application and System Services – LVM, Data Backup,
? Monitoring, Disk space Management, (Storage)
? Installing and Removing Software through Yum/RPM’s & tar file
? Change ownership and permission of Directory
? Backup Tools like tars
? Managing Flexible Storage with Logical Volume Manager (LVM).
? Analyzing and Storing Logs & Managing Process
? Database backup & Restoration
? Check Daily physically all the equipment
? Maintain Daily health check report of the Server’s
? Establishing and documenting the procedures to ensure that the integrity of data, including system failure and backup/ recovery
? Basic knowledge of RAID and Repair File System.

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