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Add ups for life!
Someone rightly said "Every sunrise holds more promise and every sunset holds more peace."

With every sunrise there is a hope, another day to do something extra, to do something meaningful, to do something productive, to take up new responsibilities, to give your best!

The sky gets rid of its darkness, moves towards light, the dark gloomy sky eventually turns to shades of orange and then blue, creating a beautiful spectrum of colours that keep your eyes glued to the sky! The Sun rises, the city wakes up!

For some the day begins with "wake up beta!", or a call or a message on their phone, or the annoying alarm sound , or the doorbell rung by the doodhwala and for some, their responsibilites wake them up, and the list goes on. No matter how we wake up, the day will have already be begun! With the changing colours of the sky, everyone gets ready for a whole new adventure, with a least idea of how the day will be. People step out of their houses, vehicles on the roads, the bare roads gets their visitors, the trees get ready to suck in the CO2 and yet showcase their greenery, the atmosphere starts to breathe in the city fumes, the empty streets turn into busy streets, the noisless circles turn noisy, the signals turn red and green from yellow, the market's set! The employees login, the work begins! The city turns colourful.And we've got one more day of our life in our pocket now!

Most of us believe each day to be a same normal routine, but we gotta make a difference! Live everyday differently. Along with the routine , do something that adds meaning to our lives. Jus don't wake up with the city but add colours to it! Learn something new, teach what you know, donate something no matter how small it is, may be a book or a burger, visit orphanages, old age homes, plant a tree, read a book, practice some sport or anything that makes your day valuable and better.When you start adding lil colors, adding lil values, lil good deeds, lil selflessness, it adds up. And when you look back through the years, you will have accomplished a lot, not the money, not the luxury but the goodness.You will feel good about your life, good about yourself and you continue leading a meaningful life. Give it a thought! :)

Make every sunrise count! :)

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