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I was exactly 62 kgs 3 months back and now gained 12 kgs,so now 74.I won't call myself fat,but am plump.The journey that started 20 years ago is still continuing with humps and stops,that may have added some 'junk' and that may be reason for wot i am now.Though it's more for a height of 5'6",am happy.
Throwback,20 years ago,born as a son of most adorable couple in the mankind.2.8 kgs when born and was about 23 cms tall.beginning days were awesome in the capital city,and then moved to the home village in order to take care of the belongings my grandpa has left.
I can say,those were the most happiest(u can see the context) time which i have spent and culdn't get back never ever again.i was an active kid since ages and i wish i wuld be a kid always.pursued a rural schooling and i was 16 when all it ended.scored a pretty gud marks in metrics,that's my true achievement.
I was always hating the hostel life before.but there was no option,i had to put my life in the cage,atleast for my pre degree.It was 2011 when i moved there,the SDM pre university college,the place which made me think 'life is beaitiful too'!
The true colors have added during those days and that's where the contrast of my life has became offense about the reasons,but i culdn't be best about myself as i have expected.Though i was bright and active,things didn't happen.I was thinking that am too hard to be 'crushed',but my beliefs were wrong for that time.It was a crush,it was the first love(never ask the name,i only have forgot that),it was the first excitement,and also it was the first breakup i hav seen and equally sad and happie for being pampered and being ignored.
Friends,this the word that brings smile on my face whenever i say that.There were too many friends whom i can never forget and there were equal number of haters who didn't clap when i have succeeded.
Carrying the marks card along,it was when i thot to achieve something by doing something.wanted to become a hotel manager but the circumstances culdn't allow me at all.As there were no other options,finally decided to become an engineer,to lighten other's life by ruining my own.
Though i had a regret for joinin this,i didn't continue to have the same after i joined.being a more than average student,adding more memories to the diaries.feeling loved,pampered,affectionated and hated too.
Apart from all these personal stuffs,i love to be simple and complex too.Rejected the expensive barbeque and loved the street side fried rice.I love metal and dies to listen classical too.i love the rap but always gives a beat for local drums.a bathroom singer,serious gamer,thinker at times,funnier at thoughts,photo capturer,and a chatter,a reader all these defines me.khiladi frnz,nocturnal gal frnz,people who clap and scold for woteva i do gud or bad,and my haters too,have nurtured me till took me 20 years to learn that i shuld not judge widout knowing anyone.people are truly awesome!
Interests differed as time changed.want to become an author in future if possible.every 24th of november makes me every year added,desires will blossom.still waitin for a miracle...
Apart from all these,am a human too.the man with notes and coins.
Yogi sumanth is wot ppl cal me!

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