How to use Youth4Work TalentBoard
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Youth4work is a platform which gives you an opportunity to connect with rated talent in your industry and geography. If you’re looking for Android Developers, in the city of Bengaluru, and your idea is to hire the best among the rest. Bingo, Youth4work has such mechanism which can get you the best in the Industry.

It starts with a typical job search paradigm, wherein you use various filters to find the talent as per your requirements. You can reach Talent Board by clicking Talent Board jaded on the menu list of company profile.

Youth4work talent filter looks like this:

For demo purpose I’ve taken Android developers in the city of Delhi with 2-4 years of experience.

Add the talent, followed by no. of years of experience, desired academic qualification and finally the place of boarding. Once this information is entered; strike Search.
Next what appears on your screen is the Ranked Talent Board:



These Youth Profiles are ranked in consonance with seven different variables namely rank in yTest, profile completeness, activities on forum to name a few. You’ve flexibility of adding more talents, courses and location by selecting the corresponding boxes.

You can reach out to the ranked talent by two traditional ways:
   1. One is through accessing database.
   2. You can also send Workmails to the shortlisted talent.


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