Employer Product Feature - Employer Branding
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Employer Branding is yet another stellar feature of Employer Products that enhance your company’s social and online reputation and makes your online profile more visible to both companies and applicants.

Employer Branding basically consists an online microsite of your company. A company microsite is a dedicated section in Youth4Work that contains you company’s online professional profile.

Microsite of a company has the following features

  1. About (Company’s Aims and Objectives)   
  2. Blog (Company’s Official blog on Youth4Work Portal)
  3. Jobs (Post Jobs for Free)
  4. Team (Assessed Profiles of all members of the company who are signed-up on Youth4Work)
  5. Forum (Discuss and Debate about any topic or answer questions asked by users)
  6. Team Tests (Analyze team members performance through logical and analytical yTests)
  7. Profile Popularity (Check out who viewed your online youth4work profile)

An online profile greatly boosts the company’s hiring process and also helps in inviting some of the best talents available for hire. Check out how your company’s microsite will look like.

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