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How to use Youth4Work TalentBoard
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Youth4work is a platform which gives you an opportunity to connect with rated talent in your industry and geography. If yoursquore looking for Android Developers, in the city of Bengaluru, and your idea is to hire the best among the rest. Bingo, Youth4work has such mechanism which can get you the best in the Industry. It starts with a typical job search paradigm, wherein you use various filters to find the talent as per your requirements. You
Optimize Recruitment Process with Youth4Work Work Mail Feature
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Work Mail is an exclusive feature available for Employers on Youth4Work . They enable you to openly connect and communicate with any of the 610k talents on our platform. Why would you use Work Mail Work Mails enable you to reach anyone onYouth4Work, no introduction or contact info required.It39s professional and credible outreach will give you greater reach and connectivity. Does it work Absolutely. Work Mails are soeffecti
3 ways by which you can reduce your employee turnover costs
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Employee turnover costs may not result in recordable losses, but a study undertaken by William M Mercer says that about half of the employers worldwide have reported a per employee turnover cost as high as 10,000. In addition to this, one-fifth of the total employers have lost capital in the range of 30,000. What results in employee turnover costs It is a typical cycle of bearing the financial burden of sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, hiring,
Employer Product Feature - Employer Branding
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Employer Branding is yet another stellar feature of Employer Products that enhance your companyrsquos social and online reputation and makes your online profile more visible to both companies and applicants. Employer Branding basically consists an online microsite of your company. A company microsite is a dedicated section in Youth4Work that contains you companyrsquos online professional profile. Microsite of a company has the fol
Employer Product Feature - Premium Work Mails
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Premium Work Mail is a time-optimizing premium solution offered to Companies and Firms by Youth4Work. A Work Mail in Youth4Work Network is generally a simple electronic message addressed by one yProfile to another. If companies are using this platform for selecting candidates for various positions in their respective firms, they can boost their selection process by opting for Premium Work Mail Corporate Solutions . What is the use
Features of Youth4Work company profile for Employers and Recruiters
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You will be welcomed by your Youth4work Dashboard. The Dashboard helps you to get to see current activity in terms of who your organisation is connecting with and in terms of responses to job postings. Jobs Enables you to see the status of Jobs that you have posted. You can see the Total views, Applicants, Date of Posting. You can also edit the application or you can disable it when your requirements are met. Activity This
Step by Step guide for completing your Youth4Work Employer Profile
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When you have created your account and you are logged-in to your account for the first time, you are welcomed by the Youth4work homepage . This homepage will be your personal tool with which you will be able draft the profile of your company for the outside world to read. This home page will be the place where you can view all your notifications regarding talent, tests and followers. Therefore, keeping an up to date profile is the fir
How to Submit a Job Post Successfully on Youth4Work
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Job Posting is one of the most important features for you as an employer. In this section, you will be able to Post Jobs for absolutely free. You can also customise your recruitment needs in this section which in turn will offer you greater ease and accuracy while communicating with the talent on Youth4Work platform. As you enter the Job Posting section , you will first see Under the ALL section you will see this page.
Register as a Recruiter and build your online profile on Youth4work
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Youth4Work is an assessment platform that aims to connect top recruiters to talented youth. As companies search for the best candidates for their organisations, Youth4work helps them to achieve this by providing multitudes of solutions that will meet every need of small to large business houses. Setting an Employer account for your business is very easy on the Youth4work platform. Just a few simple steps and your organisation is one step close
Top Recruiter Account - Enhance Recruitment Process
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One of the significant features of Youth4work is the Top Recruiter Account . This Top Recruiter Account gives you access to the talent profiles on the Youth4work platform. Yoursquore not only provided the resumes of the relevant profile but also a collection of smart, pre-assessed and ranked profiles. Not only does this feature gives you database access but it also makes your recruitment process seamless by saving your valuable time. Once you

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