Optimize Recruitment Process with Youth4Work Work Mail Feature
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Work Mail is an exclusive feature available for Employers on Youth4Work. They enable you to openly connect and communicate with any of the 610k+ talents on our platform.

Why would you use Work Mail?
Work Mails enable you to reach anyone onYouth4Work, no introduction or contact info required.It's professional and credible outreach will give you greater reach and connectivity.

Does it work?
Absolutely. Work Mails are so effective that employers and people using these services have returned back for more awesome 78% time.
How can it help me?
Youth4work, has already done the work for you, find targeted pre-screened, pre-tested Job seekers based on their skills and send them a targeted message.

  • Work Mail helps you to save time, and contact the right people, at the right time.
  • The more Work Mails you send, the more you ensure that the youth are directly communicated with any offers from your organisation.
What can be communicated through Work mails?

1. Job Requirements: Each and every organisation has specific requirements. Youth4work ensures that these needs are met in a very quick, professional and trustworthy way. You can post job requirements which can then be communicated to already assessed and ranked individuals.

2. Internship: Having interns in your organisation is a boon not only for the student but for you as an employer as well. You get new perspectives on organisational issues, interns can help with an on-going project or task that you may have trouble executing and lastly, interns also serve as brand ambassadors for your organisation. Communicate your need for new ideas and fresh perspectives through the work mail feature and see your organisation grow. 

3. Projects: You can also communicate the availability of projects for the youth through Work Mails. Maybe you would like to try a fresh approach to a business strategy – why not communicate it to the 300k + youth and see where their valuable insights and advice can take your projects.

4. Invite for a test: Work mails can also be used to invite talent for a test of their skills. You can create your own organisation specific test and communicate it to prospective employees.


Internal mails and management features with email notifications ensures your message being read and responded more effectively than any other message campaign that you may use.

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