Why employers must use Youth4work for their recruitment process
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A supermarket for all your talent needs, where you can pick, choose, compare and measure talent according to your requirements, Youth4work provides that platform which makes your recruitment process seamless and easy. More than 610,000 pre tested job aspiring candidates tested and profiled in various skills both IT as well as non IT at all levels experience.
Unlike other job portals in market Youth4work is not a data bank of countless resumes, instead Youth4work caters to building public profiles of young professionals by giving them an opportunity to compete with the best on yTests.
Youth4work boasts more than 200 yTests in different skill domains and are available without charging any fee. These premium tests curated by our in house academic experts aid you to scale and map talent of the candidates. Youth4work has innovated a robust paradigm of recruitment which involves shortlisting candidates based on their performance in the YTest in the skill of their choice. It moves away from redundant pattern of recruiting by skimming through resumes. 

Having said that, Youth4work also provides updated resumes of candidates alike other job portals in the industry. Therefore, Youth4work is your one stop solution for all your hiring needs. You get pre tested, socially verified profiles with their respective resumes in a space of few mouse clicks.
Recruiting has never been so much fun and endearing since the inception of talent powerhouse i.e. Youth4work. The benefits that accrue out of hiring through Youth4work saves your valuable time and increases the probability of closures, thus accruing double benefits of time and capital.

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