Step by Step guide to create Assessment using yAssess
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As You login to  You will see the Welcome Screen:


Then click on Home button on the task bar right hand side. You’ll reach the following screen.
This screen is called the Dashboard. You can see the jobs posted by you in the middle, yAssess and other links on the left: sdfsf

Clicking on the yAssess link takes you to the yAssess Platform.
yAssess embodies recruitment process in 4 easy  steps :
  1. Create a Test
  2. Send Invite
  3. See Result and shortlist
  4. Interview
  1. Create a Test
Here  either you can select from a set of prepared tests:

Or choose to create a new test.It can be either an Adaptive Test or a Fixed Test:
  1. Adaptive test: The Computer Adaptive Test is tailored according to your performance level and changes based on your responses.
  2. Fixed Test: These tests can be created with same set of questions for all candidates appearing in that test.

Here you can give a name to the test you want to create:
Also choose additional tests among the following three :
  1. Typing Test,
  2. Psychometric ,
  3. Image proctoring.
  • Typing Test: Tests the typing skills of a candidate .
  • Psychometric: These tests  are used to identify a candidate's aptitudes, personality, or ability in a typical proffesional setting.
  • Image Proctoring: Our online assessment software has the feature that allows test admins to virtually proctor (invigilate) the test using a webcam, remotely.

Further you can include various question banks on the subject areas you want to include in your assessment; moreover you can also adjust the weightage of the various subjects in the test.

Step 2: Invite people
There are 3 methods by which you can invite people 1. Email 2. Job Posting 3. Pass key
  • Method 1 : Through Email(used when u know the email id of the assesses)
  • Method 2: Through Jobs posted (used for inviting candidates on who’ve applied on the job posted in Youth4Work)

  • Method 3: Pass key (extensively used in walk-ins and campus drives ). Give the number of passkeys and validity time from here:

You can save the Excel sheet with the required passkeys and a common link for all the candidates for distribution,  

You get the details in the shown format :

  • Step 3: Getting the results in consolidated format: Here you get the details of the result in tabular format with relevant data which will help you choose the candidates like score ,educational details etc. Here you can shortlist the candidates or send them a mail .

  • Step 4 : Interview of the shortlisted candidates . Here you can either rate them on a 5 point scale or Add interview notes as required.

You can add your interview notes to the results of various candidates by clicking on the add notes options here :

In case you want to see the detailed result of the candidate you can see the detailed result by clicking on the view results option .These detailed reports, delivered straight to your desktop, enable you to analyze results with ease.

You can further contact the selected candidates through email or any other mode you like.


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