Youth4work Assessment Delivery Capacities
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Youth4work is Indiarsquos only Assessment solution provider having intelligent Adaptive test with online proctoring.Youth4work promises a combination of flawless processes and vigorous infrastructure delivering a hundred percent success rate. Intelligent adaptive test yAssess is an adaptive test, unlike the fixed tests available in the market. Adaptive tests are more insightful than the fixed tests and it portrays a better picture of th
How yAssess works
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Youth4work have created an ingenious corporate assessment tool catering to your 360 0 hiring needs. Now you can create intelligent adaptive tests, which are more insightful than the ubiquitously available fixed tests in the market. Other remarkable benefits of yAssess include The tests have online proctoring thereby it reduces the additional cost of FOS. The test shuts down automatically, if the test taker tries to navigate away f
yAssess – Best Custom Assessment Solution for Recruitments
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ldquoWhat isvalued and preserved, is assessed at least oncerdquo The above quote is a derivative of ldquoWhat gets measured gets improved.rdquo The time has long gone when natural selection used to be a way of positioning a person for a particular job. In professional context, these days, if you arenrsquot fit, you donrsquot deserve a place Although, you might deserve some more chance to prove your fitness . Online assessment tools hav
FAQs on Youth4work Custom Online Assessments
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Frequently asked questions on yAssess - Youth4work39s Online Custom Assessment Solution for Recruitments. 1. What is yAssess yAssess is a hosted SAAS based model which helps organizations centralize their entire recruitment life cycle. yAssess helps organizations map the skill sets of an aspirant for an Interview in that Company. yAssess is a powerful Online Assessment platform which helps you create your own Assessments for hiring.
Step by Step guide to create Assessment using yAssess
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As You login to Youth4Work.com You will see the Welcome Screen Then click on Home button on the task bar right hand side. Yoursquoll reach the following screen. This screen is called the Dashboard. You can see the jobs posted by you in the middle, yAssess and other links on the left sdfsf Clicking on the yAssess link takes you to the yAssess Platform. yAssess embodies recruitment process in 4 easy steps Create a

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