Sitamarhi, Bihar, India
Aptitude, Medical Coding, Computer Knowledge
Currently working as Clinical Coordinator at Society for Applied Studies ,New D
I have more than 7 yrs experience in the field of Clinical
Research in different Therapeutics area. I wanted to work with your esteemed organization.
I am assuring you if on getting a chance in your esteemed organization.I will work with my all capabilities & will prove an asset for your
organization under the guidance seniors.
कामाचा अनुभव
Clinical Coordinator
Society for Applied Studies
पूर्ण वेळ | ऑग.-2014 करण्यासाठी उपस्थित (3 वर्षे 9 महिने)
validation and Q/A process for data integrity and security,maintaining and pre-processing data for analysis & interpretation,ensuring proper storage, linkage and cleaning of collected health data,supporting data verification,maintaining clinical study subject information including survey data,Monitored the research so that it follows proper clinical practices
Proved periodic documentation of the informed consent process for each study subject accurately, Developed programming of online data collection, surveys and feedback protocol.
Re-organized something to make it work better
Identified a problem and solved it
Come up with a new idea that improved things
Developed or implemented new procedures or systems
Worked on special projects.Been complimented by your supervisor or co-workers
Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research
Institute of Clinical Research, Cranfield University

Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Orthopedic
2003-2007 | धावसंख्या 67%
अतिरिक्त अभ्यासक्रमाची रुची
  • Reading Book. Listening Music
Arunendra Kumar च्या प्रोफाइलला भेट देणार्या सर्व सक्रिय वापरकर्ते जाणून घ्या. आपण त्यांच्या प्रोफाइलमार्गे कार्य मेल वापरून त्यांच्याशी संवाद साधू शकता.
01 जाने., 0001 वर अंतिम पाहिलेले प्रोफाइल
प्रोफाईल स्नॅपशॉट
Arunendra Kumar मध्ये प्रतिभाशाली आहे Aptitude, Medical Coding, Computer Knowledge आणि इतर प्रतिभांचा. Arunendra Sitamarhi वर आधारित आहे आणि Clinical Research, PGDCR-Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research वर्ष 2008-2009 पासून ICR-Institute of Clinical Research, Cranfield University मध्ये अभ्यास केला आहे.
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