Samir Thukral is an Indian Entrepreneur and a Founder of Sugar Industries in Asian Sugar Business. Samir Thukralrisk taking attitude makes him more likely to exploit the opportunities for his sugar industry business which has lead him to the success.

Samir Thukral is an active socialite based in Delhi with keen interest in Sports, politics, Social Welfare and entrepreneurship. Samir Thukral | Samir Thukral | Samir Thukral | Samir Thukral
Master of Business Administration
Ohio State University, Deemed University
ପ୍ରୋଫାଇଲେ ସ୍ନାପସହତ
Samir Thukral ଇସଃ ଟ୍ୟାଲେଣ୍ଟେଡ ଇଂ Aptitude Samir ଇସଃ ବସେଡ ଓଟ ଅ Tiruchirapalli & ହସ ସ୍ଟୁଡ଼ିଏଡ଼ Global Business and Marketing, MBA-Master of Business Administration ଫାର୍ମ ଏଆର 1981-1985 in OSU-Ohio State University, Deemed University.
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