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 DU Cut Off 2017 Delhi University Merit Based Admission
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Delhi University is one of the biggest campus providing education since ages. Established under the British rule in 1922, the University of Delhi has presently grown into an empowering symbol for quality education in the country. University have 16 faculties, 86 academic departments, 77 colleges and 5 other recognised institutes spread all over the National Capital Territory of Delhi. The University is ldquomeccardquo of education in the country
Youth4work Campus Recruitment Drive
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Our client NIIT Technologies is a leading IT solutions organization, servicing customers in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. It offers services in Application Development and Maintenance, Enterprise Solutions including Managed Services and Business Process Outsourcing to enterprises in the Financial Services, Travel Transportation, Manufacturing/Distribution, and Government sectors. The Challenge ABC Technologies were looking
Performance Test by Youth4work Campus Solutions
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Each year spent in your undergraduate college has vital implications on your career trajectory, indeed laborious time reaps mound of benefits whereas innocuous display will make it prosaic. Youth4work , with its pioneering work on CBAs Computer based assessments have taken a prophetic note of a void in collegiate education. This void is created due toabsence of professional vocation through the structure of academic pedagogy. Although on-
Youth4work College Assessments for Students
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The current graduate and post-graduate degree scenario in India has changed drastically as compared to 10-15 years back. Youth in India now want to learn and achieve something out of colleges. As per UGC, In India there are about 700 universities and 35000 affiliated colleges that enrol more than 22 million students a year and much of this growth in education space has happened over last 5-7 years. Whereas, the number of jobs in the corpor
How Online Assessments help in Campus Recruitment?
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Campus Placements are a logistic mayhem for Companies and Colleges alike. The task involves mining for diamonds in stack of hay. Speaking numbers, MNCs source and test candidates from 6000-7000 campuses annually. It is a mind boggling number, if yoursquoll consider pen and paper testing methodology. Majority of companies spoken of above prefer visiting colleges to test the prospective hire at the source. A normal college drive involves a presenta
Youth4work one stop solution to college search
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Choosing a College is a real major task for students. An extraordinary student may have to face a lot of challenges in making his/ her career if the College is not chosen correctly, which may lead to a lesser growth in life. Likewise, an average student may be more successful once he/ she is done with their education, if the best college is chosen. A College is considered to be the best if it takes the ownership and responsibility o
Importance of Assessment in College Life
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ldquoYouth are like butterflies, they tend to flock from aspiration to aspiration, sometimes without realizing their strength to stick to one for long.rdquo Here, Youth is used in general context of students who enter their graduation colleges with zeal and want to come out with zest. According to a study, less than 10 of students who enter college feel they know a great deal about their intended major and will make it big.

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