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10 Steps to Create a strong Youth4work Profile
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While registration or joining Youth4work is the first big step towards a bright career of choice, the next big step is to build your profile with all the appropriate details. Only then, you get matched with relevant career opportunities automatically. Moreover, your public profile is Google search enabled, i.e. your profile will feature in top google searches for your name. First, itrsquos important for a youth to check how his / her public p
Youth4Work Assessed Profile vs. Regular Online Profile
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We are living in a cut-throat competetive world. Agreed There are literally millions of fresh graduates entering the corporate hemisphere and they are determined to let others know, they are here to stay Gone are those days when employment opportunities were limitedly published on newspapers and flyers. Recruiters and Job Portals have now moved to the most effective format i.e. Online Profiling . An Online Profile is a blueprint
Impress employers with your efficient writing skills in Youth4Work Blogs
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Your online assessed profile on Youth4work has a couple of features than help you build an online reputation. The most neglected feature which has a powerful effect on your employer is the blog section. Blogs, particularly informative ones, catch employerrsquos eyes and showcase a unique set of skills of the user. It is increasingly becoming one of the topmost hiring qualities by a number of employers. How to write a blog on Youth4work

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