Premium Work Mail Account
Contact and connect with pre-assessed job seekers.

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Top Recruiter Account
Unlimited search & access to resumes and contact details.

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Create custom assessments for recruitments.

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Managed Recruitment Services
Relax and let us manage your hiring process.

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Campus Hiring
Leverage our reach and recruit fresh talents from campuses.

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کام کی میل
Send all your hiring related communication directly to the desired talents for effective response.

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Employer Branding
Absolutely free microsite featuring company profile.

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Applicant Management System
Absolutely free - Find and sort relevant Applications.

Send mails and manage communication all at one place
Our own internal and professional ‘work mail’ system allows you to send mail and manage responses all at one place conveniently. We aim to make professional communication related to work cleaner, more efficient and managed.

Manage Talent Pipeline
Build your company's talent communities and followers.

Post a Job for Free
Free job posting with complete details of applicants

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Search Talented People
Free access to talented people ranked for their talent and activeness.

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Create free Online tests
Challenge people to test their mettle through yChallenges

فری لانس منصوبوں
Attract talents through project submissions.

Post a Project +91-8826293200 یہ کیسے کام کرتا ہے؟