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One day Lord Shiva asked Shakti what is love for you?

Shakti smiled dotingly and said, ” Adiyogi! The day I came to your place with a motive to win you and I perform penance for years. I Feel love when I chose you as my life partner, who is the master of three worlds that was the first time I felt love for you.” Lord Shiva smiled and asked is that love for you?

Shakti replied Yes Adiyogi! But there are a lot of reasons to tell you what is love for me.

Love is when you help me with my worries and hold me when I am supposed to shatter. You give me an emotional support which reassures me that you are with me forever. No matter how bad I am suffering from an emotional imbalance.

Love is when you teach me on my mistakes like a mentor. You always stand beside me in my every decision. You allow me to dominate you when I get insecure about anything. Love is when you act like a kid just to make me feel happy. Love is when you showed your insecurity in words or in your gestures but never allows yourself to show it to me directly.

when you slowly whisper in my ears.” hey! It’s you and only you who have the power to drive me crazy and you descended your lips to mine and slowly pulled me back towards you with all your love.” That moment I feel an urge to give myself to you.

Hundreds of time when I fight with you without any reason and you calmly handle my mood swings without any grumble, that moment I feel love for you because it assures me that you are not going to capitulate on me anyhow.

I feel love when I specially dressed for you just to get your attention and you praise my beauty without any second thought or comparison. It indemnifies that I am the most beautiful woman for you in the whole world. I always crave for your attention and you always fulfill my desire.

The moment when I cook something for you and you always compliment me with a smile that you cook well. Just to seeing you eating peacefully, automatically satiate my hunger.

With a deep gesture, Shakti said to Shiva..Bholenaath! The final but, the most important part when you shower your love by helping me to remember my stuff which I generally fail to remember. My dear Shiva, you make me complete and one needs to be you, to read me, to know your Shakti. It’s the energy we feel in each other regardless of gender as Shiva and Shakti embrace each other completely.

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