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Indians are excited for grabbing a cup of tea every morning as the most used beverage refreshes their mind and make them ready for the day. The green tea substituted with common spices found in every Indian kitchen enhances the taste and brings health benefits along with it as well. The art of making masala chai is not tough to get, it can be prepared in mere 5 minutes by following the recipes. The blend of ginger, tulsi, clove, and cardamom make the taste touch new height. The morning ritual to take tea is of great importance, here is basic education about it:

Anti-inflammatory: The herbs used to make masala chai have their individual benefits but combined they improve the endurance of the body to fight against health issues. The most widely adopted herb to combat inflammation is ginger, and it’s a common ingredient used in masala chai. The second important agent, an ingredient used in masala chai, clove laced with eugenol helps in reduces inflammation in the muscles of the body. Most doctors advise the use of these two herbs as the painkillers.

Keeps cold away: Traditionally adopted means to boost the immunity of the body, masala chai keeps infections from bacteria and fungus at bay. An effective and proven way to cure asthma and cough, masala chai equipped with elaichi, ginger, and clove gives instant relief from cold and headaches.

Improves metabolism: Masala chai improves digestion and strengthens your metabolism. Scientifically proven, it’s less in caffeine and effective in weight loss as well. The digestive system of the body stays in order with the regular consumption of the masala chai. Ayurveda opens the secret power of masala chai, and when it comes to curing digestive problems like constipation, masala chai is advised to include in the diet.

Diabetes reduction: Masala chai is one of the best ways to keep diabetes in control. Insulin sensitivity improves with the herbs like clove, cinnamon, and elaichi, and this helps in decreasing the sugar level in blood. Herbs capture the extra sugar in the blood and hence diabetes patient feels relaxed if they consume masala chai repeatedly.

Relief from PMS: It’s often found that in some months of the year, a patient suffering from PMS feels more vulnerable to anxiety, depressions, and mood swings. Tea can be the best buddy in this condition. It relaxes your nerves and brings happier feeling to keep mental disorders at bay. The herbs act as the best painkillers which fight effectively against the hormonal hike that make your mood swing like a rollercoaster ride.

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